Barbara Anthony
County Clerk

200 E Race Street, Suite 2
Post Office Box 546
Kingston, TN 37763

The County Clerk is the Secretary to the County Commission and attends County Commission meetings, prepares minutes, and keeps records of meetings on file in the office, as well as being the office in charge of issuing licenses and applications listed on this page.

The County Clerk performs a wide variety of functions, which generally include:

     (1)  Keeping the official records of the county legislative body
     (2)  Collecting certain local and state taxes
            (such as local hotel/motel taxes, beer taxes, business taxes, etc.)
     (3)  Issuing motor vehicle title and registrations
     (4)  Issuing marriage licenses
     (5)  Issuing business licenses
     (6)  Processing applications for beer permits
     (7)  Processing applications for notaries public
     (8)  Issuing pawnbroker licenses
     (9)  Issuing hunting and fishing licenses

The County Clerk receives fees for the services rendered by the office. Fee offices, including county clerks, are required to collect all fees to which they are entitled.

Roane County Courthouse     -     200 E Race Street     -     Kingston TN 37763